What is Family.me?

Family.me is a private social network that brings families together to discover, share and preserve their memories. Through our unique online tree builder, you can collaborate with your family members to map out your history while sharing precious moments with loved ones near and far. With the free and easy-to-use tool, you can upload photos and videos, tag keywords, share on social media and search across millions of historical records.

Grow Together

Start your journey of family discovery by building out your core family tree. Family.me’s tree builder is easy, interactive and makes adding family members feel like playing a game. The tree begins to come to life with activity as you add family members or invite others to collaborate on the tree together.

Family Tree

Discover Together

In order to help you complete your entire ancestral story, Family.me provides FREE access to millions of historical records such as marriage, birth, death, immigration, military and more. Together, you and your loved ones can dig deeper into your ancestral history to map out your history and build your family tree together.

Treasure Chest

Share Together

You can easily add and tag memories (photos, videos, stories) within the tree manually or via social network import. Adding a memory is as easy as a social media update, but on Family.me, they are shared only with family members. You can also tag other relatives in the memory or tag specific descriptions (e.g. wedding, birthday, vacation, etc.) to easily search for the memory, or similar ones, later.

Family Book

Remember Together

Preserve your family legacy by bridging the past and the present. Sign up today - it’s free!